Since 2002

Mon-Fri: 9:00 - 17:00

Sat-Sun: Closed



Land preparation
  1. Analysis and evaluation of the existing situation
  2. Design of the area urban solution and inclusion in the zoning plan
  3. Time schedule elaboration for issuing zoning decision and building permit
  4. Energy coverage territory solution – capacities of energy networks and their connection points for the issuance of the territorial decision and the building permit
  5. Transport services solution in the territory – static and dynamic transport
Project documentation preparation and execution
  1. Spatial plan amendments
  2. Zone spatial plan amendments
  3. Documentation for the planning permit
  4. Documentation for the building permit
  5. Tender documentation
  6. Actual execution project
  7. Building changes before completion project
Engineering actvity
  1. Plan of engineering activities of construction proceedings
  2. Engineering activity until the issuance of the territorial decision
  3. Engineering activity until the issuance of the Building Permit
Construction management 
  1. Preparation of tender documentation
  2. General Contractor Selection
  3. Provision of Technical Supervision of the Investor
  4. Terms and financial control of implementation
  5. Acceptance of exekucutive jobs and invoicing
  6. Building approval and commissioning