Since 2002

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We will professionally estimate the potential of our client’s land and design a project that will ensure maximum utilization with respect to the location, type of development, degree of civic amenities and compliance with the environment.


During the implementation of your project, we will take care of the selection of a certified General Contractor of the construction, the use of quality materials and compliance with technological processes. At the same time, we will monitor the non-exceedance of the set costs.


We will also help with the sale of your project. There are more than 700 private, institutional and qualified investors in our portfolio.
Together with our experienced lawyers, we will carefully prepare the complete contractual documentation of the project, so that the investor is maximally secured against slips in the construction schedule and future damage.
We are insured against all kinds of damages.

Company profile

The base plate was established by SSiM s.r.o. in 2002. After financing was secured, we began to implement idea, to build multifunctional buildings, where apartments will be intended for sale and rent and retail space will be offered for rent.

In 2013, the company moved to Bratislava, from where we manage projects throughout Slovakia, as well as foreign acquisitions.

Matejcík - podpis

Ivan Matejčík

Founder SSiM
General manager of SSiM Group

Project management

Development and project management of residential and multifunctional buildings

Development projects

We are continuously implementing several development projects of residential and multifunctional buildings

Rental apartments

Construction of rental apartments for cities and municipalities

Development areas

For landowners, we will prepare a Feasibility Study, which will precisely define the possibilities of development and future profits of the entire territory

Requirements that we place on housing sites

Transport accessibility and infrastructure

Public transport, walking distance, individual car transport and parking

Civic amenities

sales network, offered services, preschool and school facilities, medical facilities


Noise, dust and ecology

location depending on traffic arteries and industrial zones, greenery, relax

Architectural and material suitability

view of the architecture of the surrounding buildings, shape solutions, technical possibilities

Light technology

one of the most important factors in choosing a suitable location is the amount of sunlight that gets into the apartment throughout the day